Re-mix, re-use and recycle with Monza

Developing a campaign theme

walterwakefield worked with Spicers Paper Australia to launch the new Monza Recycled ‘Environmentally Sound’ Campaign. The campaign continued the recycling theme from previous years and demonstrated the possibilities available to those who reuse, recycle and remix contemporary music.

Featuring mash-up maestro ‘GirlTalk'

This campaign showcased five 12” limited edition records all pressed on recycled vinyl and complete with custom designed sleeves printed on Monza Recycled Hi-Gloss, 350gsm.

Each record contained tracks from mash-up maestro ‘GirlTalk’. Like the music in this promotion, the graphics are remixed or mashed-up from found visual material to create something new. Remix culture is the essence of the concept for this promotion.

High quality print production

The challenge was to communicate the environmental credentials of Monza Recycled paper, which has up to 55 per cent recycled content and FSC mixed source certification. The paper is also defined by its high print qualities, which are showcased on the vinyl album sleeves and posters.

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