walterwakefield is a design agency that converts strategy into action.

For over 20 years, walterwakefield has shaped brands to become relevant, engaging and future-focused.

As a communications powerhouse, we solve all kinds of complex problems for our clients.

We do this by using specialist skills to produce tangible results.


walterwakefield’s vision is to create positive change for our people, our clients, communities and our planet by solving all kinds of complex problems.


At walterwakefield, our values drive the way we work,
behave and uphold our reputation with our clients.


We’re good natured and calm – even when we’re under pressure. We understand our clients and are passionate about sorting problems rather than creating them!


We’ve earned our trust with 20 years of handson experience, being responsive and collaborative on every project that comes our way. Put simply, we make our clients’ businesses better. 


We’re bright, bold and clear when it comes to answering briefs as creatively as possible. But we’re never ‘wacky’ just for the sake of it; always balancing creative/effective in equal measure. 


It’s our job to stay switchedon to the trends, technology and problems of the outside world – and address them in brilliantly strategic ways that are genuinely adventurous. 


Our personality is how we bring our values to life - particularly in behaviours, how we look, the way we communicate and ultimately defining our reputation. We’re known for being energetic, innovative and insightfully inspiring.

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We treat every single project as an opportunity to do our best for our clients – putting the right people on every project to bring it to life. Our creative energy is apparent in everything we do and our enthusiasm is infectious. We’re curious, eager, friendly and collaborative.


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For over 20 years we’ve developed robust structures and proven processes to arrive at the best possible solutions. Every creative idea we come up with is grounded in research and innovative problem solving. We’re relevant and engaging, providing frictionless magic for our clients’ customers.





Insightfully Inspiring

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“I love working with the team at Walterwakefield – I get specialists who know what they’re doing and who push me a little further than my comfort zone – with great results! I know they’ll make me look good by getting it right. They’re inspiring in their ideas, professional problem solvers, and rocksolid in their reliability. Plus they’re doing good for the planet!”

We solve all kinds of complex
problems by converting
strategy into action

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