Campaigning to designers for paper spec loyalty

Increasing brand loyalty

Australia’s largest paper merchant, Spicers are renown for their attention to detail and service to the graphic design community, having serviced our paper needs for almost 100 years. Spicers are faced with the ongoing challenge of maintaining designers’ paper specifications throughout the production process, a place where paper substitution often occurs. 

‘Respect the Spec’ was a campaign conceived by walterwakefield to enable Spicers’ promotion of chain-of-custody and a reward system for authentic paper stock specification. The campaign was designed to encourage brand loyalty and increase sales of Spicers’ paper. 

Bold typographic expression

The ‘Respect The Spec’ poster series saw a return to strong typographic messaging: the creation of typefaces based on classic pieces of design ephemera, including custom typefaces derived from the ‘Slinky’ helical spring, neon pharmacy signage and Meccano construction pieces.

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