The Leading Edge

Custom interactive sales tool

The Leading Edge (TLE) interactive credentials presentation empowers the presenter to move seamlessly through the presentation’s structure tailoring it to engage different audiences. Be that educating internal stakeholders to the Company vision and values, giving prospective clients an overview of the company’s offering and track-record or delving deep into specific case studies with existing clients.

The Leading Edge story

The Leading Edge (TLE) continually evolve to stay true to their vision. They are constantly improving methods, techniques, thinking and delivery to meet their clients’ ever-changing needs. This philosophy can be downloaded to new employees through the Our Story section which is an interactive history lesson of the strategies that have made TLE different and kept them ahead of their competitors. Presentation with enticing headlines across timeframes allows the narrator to embellish each point in their own style.

The Leading Edge offer

Customers are able to tour case studies within the TLE offer demonstrating how customer insights driven strategy and activation has delivered results for a vast client base.

An introduction to The Leading Edge

In an animated introduction to TLE the presentation explores two contrasting sides of TLE’s business; the science and the art, the rigour and the creativity, the analysis and the inspiration, which work in symmetry to make them different. This is represented through contrasting mechanical and organic objects which fuse together and animate into interactive Kaleidoscopes.

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