Helping Brambles communicate their sustainability journey

Sustainability is a journey…

walterwakefield is honoured to assist Brambles in the communication of their sustainability journey. Brambles’ sustainability aims to achieve a better business, a better planet and the development of better communities. An animated video introduces Brambles’ sustainability journey which frames a complete view of this progress, as they strive to minimise their impact on the environment and contribute positively to the communities in which they operate. 

Sustainability web portal

walterwakefield developed a sustainability web portal which is totally integrated with the Brambles corporate website. The portal provides a consolidated overview of the company’s sustainability progress, along with supplementary information including; assessment of materiality; risks and opportunities; assurance process; data measurement techniques; stakeholder engagement; and a glossary of terms. A table detailing the G4 indicators and Brambles UN Global Compact Communication on Progress for 2015 is also available on the company website.

Digital documentation

This Sustainability Review reports on Brambles activities in the areas assessed as material issues for FY15. It is available both digitally and as a PDF download from the site. Also available is the Brambles Sustainability report card which offers a snapshot of the company’s circular economy.

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