Relevant, up-to-date investor centric web content

Based on our research and user profiling, we developed the Brambles investor website to deliver relevant investor centric content that utilises live feeds and third party providers to deliver content as it happens with a minimum of effort from the webmaster:

  • Slider enabling multiple features updatable through your CMS
  • Embedded webcasts, audio or video through your third party provider
  • Automated feed providing up-to-date ASX announcements
  • Portal to login directly to shareholder services
  • Relevant investor contacts at your fingertips
  • Live shareprice feed directly from the ASX
  • Updatable financial calendar syncing with your calendar
  • Responsive framework tailored to your device

Seamless integration of complex content

Drawing on our deep understanding of the Investor Relations space coupled with our User Experience, Information Architecture and Technolgy skill-sets we are able to quickly arrive at a solution that will deliver you seamless integration of complex content.

View live or archived presentations in multiple media formats

Future, current and archived webcasts available to be viewed through a live or retrospective feed via secure registration. Simultaneously listen to prose while viewing the presentation slide deck. Browse by year or as granular as by specific days within a conference.

Interactive, hierarchically structured document repositories

We have developed best practice document repositories which hold all types of media from PDF documents, video, audio, transcripts and slides; all housed in convenient accordion drop downs. Functionality to email, share or add times to your personal calendar is also available.

Integrated year end reporting

We have developed an integrated portal that houses both the latest and historical financial information year-on-year. Giving the flexibility to deliver new concepts, visions or strategy within the existing framework:

  • Modular structure based on chapters highlighted in the Annual Review
  • Banners directly speak and link to relevant content
  • Ease of navigation through sub-menus
  • Prominent investor tool eg. download basket and glossary
  • Prominent sharing and engagement tools.

Using interactivity to articulate corporate strategy

In the 2010-11 financial year, Brambles launched a growth strategy focused on strengthening their global equipment pooling business by entering into new customer sectors through product diversification and geographic expansion. Year-on-year walterwakefield have assisted Brambles in reporting against their objectives and goals. We continually evolve this strategy and the manner it is delivered via Brambles’ full year results microsite.

Update content wherever you are

We have developed a single CMS to edit and upload content, and let the CMS automatically render mobile friendly content User experience optimised for mobile centric users:

  • Easily accessible search for mobile users
  • Large tapable areas for touch devices
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