A tailored approach to web design

Mobile, tablet and desktop

To fulfil its role as the core of their new brand expression, we developed the UGL website with you in mind. Shareholders, clients, employees, partners and casual observers are able to gain easy access to UGL’s expertise. The website is customised for mobile, tablet and desktop. Each platform is tailored specifically for that deployment, based on research and user profiling.

In-built career portal

Look to the ‘People & Careers’ section to understand the vision and values of UGL and the opportunities which await you. The website used a Taleo recruitment tool to dynamically pull job opportunity post data in real time. This unique integration allowed us to control the UGL branding and track user behaviour. When viewing the People & Careers portal on a mobile device, the experience is designed for that particular view port. The job search process and job listings are displayed optimised for smaller screens of mobile devices.

Investor & media centre

Within a single area of the UGL website you can find key financial data and company information of interest as a shareholder, a potential investor, a financial analyst or a member of the media community. Live share price charts and stock price feeds are a feature. Our in-built Investor Briefcase allows you to collect, zip, share and download files.

Custom content management system

We have introduced a custom-designed .NET CMS tooled to UGL’s requirements. Tailored for UGL’s  particular business, taxonomy, workflow and needs. Free from ongoing licencing costs and fully compliant with the UGL IT protocol.


UGL’s new and improved website clearly reflects our position as a global leader in diversified services across the property and engineering services sectors…

Richard Leupen, UGL Managing Director & CEO
UGL Managing Director & CEO

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