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Creating designed reports in workiva

Annual Report Workiva

Creating Designed Reports in Workiva

Omni Bridgeway approached WW to assist with the design and development of their Annual Report and Results communication material using Workiva. This is a cloud-based reporting compliance platform that enables the use of connected data and automation of reporting across finance, accounting, risk, and compliance.


Omni Bridgeway wanted our help to keep their report in Workiva for the entirety of the process and maintain data assurance, rather than exporting to ICML and losing control of the authoring process, whilst maintaining a high-quality design look and feel to their report and results material. 

WW worked collaboratively with the Omni Bridgeway team and assisted with the overall design, leveraging Workiva’s design capabilities to produce a sophisticated and high-quality reporting design.

Using Workiva’s Designed Reporting tool, WW produced a high-quality design look and feel in a collaborative work environment while maintaining data assurance.

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