Lifting the digital capability of Australia

WW developed a digital value creation model which embeds NBN Co’s sustainability approach. The interactive graphic explores the many ways NBN Co creates value for their customers, communities and country and has been adapted to suit PDF and printed formats.

WW evolved the conceptual design of NBN Co’s reporting suite to visualise their commitment to building and operating a reliable, fast, resilient and secure network, meeting households and businesses across Australia’s current and future broadband needs.

The conceptual design of NBN’s reporting suite visualises their commitment to building and operating a network that is reliable, fast, resilient and secure, meeting the current and future broadband needs of households and businesses across Australia.

walterwakefield introduced a collaborative content management system, providing them the flexibility of implementing custom design layouts, whilst being able to manage all content changes internally. With strict user profiles and permissions, the NBN Co reporting team were able to apply content changes as and when they needed directly to the designed document and output a PDF for further internal reviews, providing quick and fast turnaround times.

Value creation model

Interact with the value creation model below.

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