Reshaping Boral’s future

Annual Report Sustainability Report Photography

Boral’s purpose is to ‘create a world future generations will be proud of’ by meeting the challenges of a changing world and the expectations of future generations.

WW designed and produced Boral’s reporting suite in FY2022, bringing to life a new brand identity, purpose and values, communicating Boral’s aim to build a more profitable, competitive and customer-focused business.

WW implemented a collaborative content management system, providing Boral with the flexibility of custom design layouts while managing content changes internally. WW offers several workflow solutions to suit your requirements.


Thank you so much to the walterwakefield team for all your work on the Sustainability Report. A tremendous effort, and your work has been exceptional. Great design, attention to detail, some new and welcome thinking on how to represent complex structures and ideas, thoughtful and inspired use of images, and meeting all deadlines. Thank you again for all your excellent work, it is looking absolutely amazing.

Mary Ann Van Bodegraven
Head of Sustainability

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