2019 Sustainability Report

Landcom, the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation aim to create innovative and productive places that demonstrate global standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality.

Landcom’s 2019 Sustainability Report includes a discussion of material sustainability issues and details their performance against their new Sustainable Places Strategy.

Landcom’s Sustainable Places Strategy

Landcom’s Sustainable Places Strategy comprises four Leadership Goals which guide the way Landcom deliver new communities. walterwakefield assisted the articulation of the FY19 performance for each part of their strategy in an engaging digital report, supported by downloadable PDF.

Driving engagement through social media

Walterwakefield assisted Landcom to drive engagement with their report by campaigning the results in a number of videos across social media channels.

Landcom's Healthy and Inclusive Places Survey

Each year, Landcom conducts a ‘Healthy and Inclusive Places Survey’ to determine the drivers for satisfaction across their communities, allowing them to track the progress against their Healthy and Inclusive Places Sustainability targets. walterwakefield turned the raw results data into easy to understand infographics. Landcom leverages these graphics in several reports and presentations as well as reporting back to their communities via social media.

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