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CLP’s 2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainability at CLP is focused on decarbonisation, to protect both the future of the planet as well as the Group’s prosperity and longevity as a business. The 2019 report discusses the increasing impacts of physical climate change and the associated transition risks. Alongside this, CLP explains how digitalisation allows them to deploy innovative technical solutions that improve energy efficiency and help to safeguard the company’s assets. Underpinning these two trends, CLP discusses how they’re transforming into an organisation that relies on an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce.

How CLP is delivering against the material topics

walterwakefield developed infographics to frame discussions around how the material topics relate to the company’s value proposition, and how CLP is seeking to address these challenges. These include how CLP is responding to climate change, how the company is harnessing the power of technology to enhance performance and serve customer needs, reinforcing cyber resilience and data protection, while building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce in a rapidly changing operating environment.

Sustainability, social impact and strategy

walterwakefield provided recommendations on the structure, focus and disclosure of each material topic, reviewing external feedback from stakeholders and reporting rating agencies on CLP’s 2018 Report while referencing reporting guidelines such as GRI, HK Stock Exchange ESG Guide and TCFD.

How CLP creates value

walterwakefield visually represented the value created by CLP and how it’s shared amongst different stakeholders in society.

CLP’s purpose is to emphasise value creation over the long term rather than the short term and to do business in a way that helps serve the communities in which they operate. 

A complete service scope

walterwakefield was responsible for delivering the strategic review, design and development of online and printed reports, template design and integration with Tangelo, including graphics production, copyediting, proofreading and translation of key materials. This report was produced entirely under work-at-home and split team arrangements, in virtual collaboration with our team here in Australia.

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