A portable sales app with offline capabilities

Combining user experience and
client requirements through thoughtful design

Architectural Window Systems required a fully integrated, custom application for iPad and Android tablets to collate the extensive asset databases of the AWS website and associated channels, and allow fabricators access to essential information when consulting with clients. The application was developed alongside customers and key employees to ensure a highly user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience.

Offline capabilities and seamless syncing while online

The AWS fabricator app is cleverly linked to their asset databases and automatically synchronises large video files via YouTube, as well as brochures, image galleries, product specifications and documentation. Users of the fabricator application are prompted when updates are available, ensuring information is always up-to-date and synchronised with the AWS database without the requirement of an Internet connection. This approach also guarantees that fabricators will not need to wait as video or product files buffer and load, enabling a seamless customer experience, every time.

An intuitive and useful asset for fabricators

The AWS Fabricator application has proven to be a functional asset for fabricators, allowing seamless access to product information and sales tools, and high-quality images and video content. The application also considers related products and allows fabricators to collate relevant files into email format for AWS (to quote), and clients, who receive a neatly packaged email containing all relevant information for their project. 


I have been using the app for just over a week now and am yet to find something to fault, it is great! Everybody involved in the development should be proud of the job that’s been done. Excited for the roll out and use!

Tim Hanlon, Hanlon Windows Australia

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