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NSW Plastics: Next Steps

Designing for environmental action

walterwakefield were commissioned by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to design NSW Plastics: Next Steps – a report on plastics for the Minister for the Environment’s office. The report is a call to action for the community to have input on whether certain plastics should be banned. It sets out targets and outlines NSW’s proposed approach to tackle the ever-growing problem of plastic in our environment.

The report contains statistics and information about the scale of the plastic problem in NSW. For each plastic type the report clearly sets out the problem, and the proposed response, including timelines to bans or reductions. 

The EPA created a project page for the report on its website, calling for individuals and organisations to participate in their survey and have their say on plastics.

The survey allows people to respond to key questions about how NSW should respond to the plastic issue. walterwakefield was proud to be involved in the production of a report that aims to make a difference to this challenging environmental impact.

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