Capral’s digital ecosystem

walterwakefield delivered a plethora of digital products and sales tools to suit the business’ needs. The complex ecosystem comprises a website and two web apps for fabricator and industrial audiences.


The website includes a range of advanced features, including a sophisticated membership system that restricts access to exclusive content based on user types, managing a substantial user database of over 40,000 individuals with a daily influx of 100 new registrations. It encompasses thousands of products, categories, taxonomies, and intricate relationships among them. Furthermore, seamless integration with Salesforce CRM enhances customer relationship management.

walterwakefield developed two web apps – The Hub App gives technical info for Fabricators, and the Green App takes the place of an old printed catalogue for industrial products. These web apps make maintenance and sharing of product information easier, reliable and more up-to-date, showing our capabilities for practical and modern solutions at Capral. The Green App is currently only available for internal users but will be released to the public in 2024.

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