Building the brand while delivering leads

The Pendal group’s marketing team has two objectives:

To build the brand (awareness, equity, and trust) and to deliver qualified leads. All marketing activities are measured and valued by how they advance these goals. As an extension of Pendal’s marketing team, walterwakefield bridge the gap between various departments & stakeholders (Marketing, IT, Comms, Editorial, Data analysts, Investor relations) with a strong focus on user experience and lead conversion.

ww brought best-in-class UX to The Point, an editorial publication pioneering quick, actionable insights for investors.

Pendal’s products of focus are equal parts positive end-user stories backed up by performance data designed to be engaging immediately.

Users can measure their investment’s potential positive impact by interacting with the impact calculator. The app was developed by ww surfacing complex data sets simply.  

User behaviour is measured and reported, and the experience evolves based on our findings to achieve the objectives.


Thank you so much for your contributions this year. Your insights contribute not only to Pendal’s brand equity and trust in our investment capabilities — they also drive 500 to 600 sales leads to our website every week.

David Higgins
Head of Marketing

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