Why Custom CMS?

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Choosing a Content Management System can be daunting and no single solution is appropriate for every organisation. We put together a handy case for the Custom CMS and considered everything from security to cost in comparison to other systems.

Problems with some existing CMS platforms

One size fits all

  • Not user friendly
  • User interfaces and administrative workflow aren’t specific to your business
  • Timely navigation
  • Limitations
  • Lack of intuition

Lack of customisation and creative control

  • Limitations in suiting the user experience to your business
  • Forced to work within a predefined template

Third party plugins

  • Unknown, unsecured and vulnerable source code
  • Mass produced, easily hacked
  • Navigating the development side can be difficult

Massive licence fees

  • Added costs to your bill
  • No ownership of code

Slow support

  • Gaining support from off-the-shelf CMS can take weeks/months
  • Specialists not reputable, don’t know who you’re talking to

Slow loading times

  • Open source CMS are known to be bogged down by traffic
  • Built to cover a wide range of often unused applications, so it can use up resources needlessly

The CMS Cost Spectrum:

Where does a Custom CMS fit from a costing perspective? The diagram below compares a typical custom CMS with some of the commonly used content management systems. 

Who Benefits?

News and publication sites

  • Sophisticated editing, workflows, required documentation management
  • Major publishing operations

Portals and web apps

  • Interactive experience requiring security and custom features

Complex integrations

  • Application integrating to third party platforms

SAAS platforms

  • Softwares of service or subscription

Lead generation sites

  • Complicated systems, advanced requirements, reporting

All industries

  • E-commerce/product based/retail/utilities/lifestyle/corporate


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