Ongoing digital support

walterwakefield develop and maintain many digital assets for Morningstar. In-depth knowledge of their internal and forward-facing systems allows us to connect the corporate website to various microsites, EDM marketing platforms and their CRM. Automation and seamless integration then empower the content authors to generate content and reach their audience more efficiently.

We support organisations as an extension of their digital marketing team or assisting them through the entire digital life-cycle.

Highly functional web-apps

Today, a website is so much more than a brochure. It is an opportunity to convert goals, collect data, measure analytics and adjust based on the measurement. We deliver web-apps and products which serve as marketing tools for our clients, not just brochureware.

International and multilingual sites

Ibbotson is a Morningstar Investment company based in Japan. They required not only a website in a different language but also a new visual expression. walterwakefield were able to implement this while utilising the existing digital infrastructure of the parent company, making it extremely cost-effective.

Automation and digital marketing

We make your campaigns work harder by automating much of the process, plugging in every call-to-action into a CRM, EDM platform and various tracking tools. Visibility of your customers has never been clearer. We then re-target your website users with unprecedented efficiency as the foundation has been laid to allow for this.

Empowering content authors

Generating engaging content is increasingly important but no less time-consuming. Selecting the correct content management system makes the publishing process less daunting for comms teams. We then implement user management and workflows, from the content author to editor to an administrator with final publishing rights. The result is a best-practice thought leadership blogging system with social sharing capabilities and granular engagement tracking.

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