A new brand identity

A new brand

The new build of the NDARC brand emphasises their collaborative culture.

The Delta ‘Δ’ is a representation of combining the precision of science, the richness of nature and the search for equality in humanity. The colour scheme of the triangle logo mark reflects the connection with the UNSW.

A new tagline

‘The Difference is Research’ because all NDARC findings are evidence based. When NDARC make a claim, it is underpinned by research that embraces the entire scientific community via world-class innovation, collaboration and an impartial position.

A new visual style

The new NDARC visual expression comes to life through the content of its publications. This new style includes guidelines on how to use the logo, colours, photography and typography.

The new colour palette is drawn from the UNSW logo, yet having a bright and energetic appearance.

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