Communicating complex information, simply

The Suncorp CFO series

The CFO videos open up dialogue between management and employees. The plain spoken series delivers complex information in a clear and engaging way to all levels of the organisation on the fundamentals of Suncorp’s business model and how it delivers on the bottom line. By disseminating the information throughout the organisation, Suncorp is increasing collaboration between the four core businesses and improving its profitability on a day-to-day basis.

Engaging and informative animated graphics

Each CFO from Suncorp’s businesses presented a succinct business overview, the challenges the business faces and what they have to do to make money. The videos are set to infographic animations which assist in the explanation of the concepts discussed. This approach ensures the videos are engaging, informative and easy to understand.

Access to an expanding video library

The CFO series continues on a quarterly basis, forming a solid foundation for financial communications within the organisation. Employees at all levels now have unprecedented access to an expanding video library offering insight into the companies strategic direction delivered by the executive management.

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